How to Buy a Domain Name

How to Buy A Domain Name
from Zorba Domains

For buyers and for sellers working harmoniously together, these are my

  1. Think carefully and then decide if this domain name is best for you and your project.
    1. Feel welcome to contact the Seller — using our contact form — with your questions.
  2. Always confirm the selling price.
  3. Always confirm the yearly renewal fee.
    1. Always ask “After I buy and own the domain name, what will be the yearly renewal fee (that I pay to my domain name registrar)?”
    2. The Seller will tell you the renewal fee that he has been paying to his own registrar company. Fees at other registrars may vary.
  4. Ask if the domain name extension (TLD) requires an SSL certificate when the when the website is set up.
    1. For some domain name extensions, for example the .page (dot page), SSL certificates are required. You do not need to get the SSL certificate until you begin building your website
  5. Buyer and Seller agree to terms and continue with the transaction.
    1. If he/she does not have an account already, then the Buyer can create an account at
    2. Seller uses the website to create a Buy-It-Now button with the agreed price.
    3. Via our SSL-secure website, Buyer clicks the Buy-It-Now button, then fills in the information, and then logs in to Buyer’s account at
  6. Buyer submits payment to
    1. Buyer pays the agreed-on domain name price, plus the fee of about 3.25 %
    2. informs the Seller that the Buyer’s money has been received.
  7. At the Seller’s Registrar — for Zorba Domains, this is either Google Domains or — the Seller changes the owner’s name and contact information, from the Seller to the Buyer.
    1. Seller pays any fees connected with this owner’s name change.
  8. The domain name is now the property of the Buyer. The Buyer can easily verify this fact by looking at the “Whois” information.
    1. now verifies that the ownership has been changed.
  9. releases payment to Seller
  10. Buyer is now free to keep his/her domain at our registrars (Google Domains or — or, free to transfer the domain name to the registrar of his/her choice. Please note:
    1. The buyer now owns the domain name, but there may be an ICANN regulation that requires a time period of 60 days before the buyer can transfer the domain name (from Google Domains or to a new domain name registrar.


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