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Thanks for visiting Zorba Domains — https://Zorba.domains — a division of Zorba Press and Zorba Media, all produced by Michael Pastore.

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Michael writes poems, novels, and screenplays in the counter-cultured city of Ithaca, New York. He has traveled extensively — always by bicycle, often sleeping under the stars — in the USA, Europe, Turkey, and Greece. His more than 20 books include Thoreau Bound: a Utopian Romance in the Isles of Greece; Lark’s Magic; Zen in the Art of Child Maintenance; Zenlightenment!; The Zorba Anthology of Love Stories; New Techniques in Child Maintenance; The Ithaca Manual of Style; Teaching Kindness and Peace; and a book of poetry titled Sappho at the Edge of Love.

Aeons ago, Michael was featured in a real-news article in the New York Times newspaper — about his frustratingly hilarious attempts to buy the expired domain name, Zorba.com. He failed utterly, and Zorba.com is still for sale. But the bittersweet experience sparked a passion for the wild world of domaining.

Zorba Domains launched on September 1, 2018. Our goal is to offer quality domain names, appropriately priced, all with a buying experience that is easy, friendly, and secure. Zorba Domains is the only domain name seller in the world (that we know about) who promotes the domain names using Poetry — each name for sale features an short and original poem.

For news and ideas about domains and the domain world, watch our News/Blog here, and visit our forthcoming blogsite, Domain Names Magazine.

The poems, and all other information included on this site (Zorba.domains) are Copyright (c) 2018 by Michael Pastore.

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