5 Domaining Trends We Would Love to See

Happy New Year, 2019. Here are five ideas about domaining that we would love to see become trends.

Photo by Elena Koycheva
on Unsplash

1-) More Domain Names Will Be Sold by FSBO (For Sale By Owner)
FSBO is popular for real estate sales and car sales, but it is yet made a serious impact in the world of domain names. Why not ?

2-) Domain Names Will Be Listed for Sale with No Listing Fee
Sedo is doing it for this year, 2019. Let’s hope that this experiment works well for Sedo, and that they continue.

3-) Domain Name Selling Sites will Charge a Listing Fee or a Commission After the Sale — but Not Both.
Or give us a choice between these two options.

4-) The Industry Standard Commission for Domain Name Sales will Drop to Ten Percent.
Ten percent is a fair share.

5-) Inactive Domain Names will be Sold to Someones Who Wants to Use these Names.
There are countless excellent domain names that are not being used — they sit parked and priced too high so that they may never be sold. I call these inactive domain name– after 5 years neither living nor dead — “Zombienames”.
What can be done to encourage domain name owners to release these domains to someones who can use them to improve knowledge on the Net ?